Songstress Seduces Us

Niamh McGlinchey
Black Box, Belfast

A packed house was seduced by the voice of Derry singer Niamh McGlinchey. She won over more than a few followers with her disarmingly charming display.

Touting girl-next-door good looks, upbeat banter and a CD, Rainbow Days, there would appear to be no dark side to this 20-year-old from Gulladuff. But the delicate, pure and honest tones of McGlinchey's voice belied a hard-bitten pro approach.

A selection of folk staples gave the audience's vocal cords a workout, but the singer-guitarist's own material was equally appealing, in particular Crossroads.

She ensured everyone returned to work with a smile.

Andrew Johnston
Belfast Telegraph

Thanks Niamh for a great evening at Royal Belfast Golf Club. We so enjoyed listening to your after dinner entertainment especially your own songs. You have a special talent and we wish you lots of luck in the future.

Hilary Warnock | Added: Thu, Apr 4, 2013

Hi Niamh, Brendan here from St Comgalls Antrim, Firstly, thank you for your CD Rainbow Days. it is remarkable and totally enjoyable. I have listened to all the songs a lot and especially the two songs you have written yourself;

Crossroads is a very catchy tune that gives a very good range of your voice and may I say you certainly know the way to go now.

Spread Our Wings seems a very personal heart rendering song that is sung with a lot of feeling and depth, Niamh. Your CD is totally enjoyable and is played a lot by my wife and daughters, so it appeals to a range of age groups. You are a beautiful singer with a very heart-warming personality. I wish you god speed in your journey through life and I know you will be among the best Ireland can offer.

God bless your voice.



Loved your singing on Gerry Anderson just now, I was grumbling around getting ready to go to work, heard you singing Caledonia and stopped what I was doing and had a listen.

I love the way a song can change your day, I'm heading out now with a smile on my face now.

Thanks very much and good luck with the CD, you have one sale here anyway.

Take care

Mark | Fri, Sep 7, 2012

"Thank you for the wonderful music you provided... somehow you managed to make an extremely sad situation very beautiful and I can never thank you enough for that."

Anonymous | Added: Sat, Jan 5, 2013

"Niamh, my heartfelt appreciation for your kindness... Your beautiful music was an immense comfort to us and we will carry the memories for the rest of our lives."

Anonymous | Added: Sat, Jan 5, 2013

"You created a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere that was so fitting. You were a great help. Sincere thanks."

Anonymous | Added: Sat, Jan 5, 2013

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