Niamh’s music is an eclectic mix of folk, country and americana styles, all sprinkled with her unique “velvet voice”. Niamh’s ability to charm audiences with her unique style became evident from a young age, claiming an All-Ireland Title  in 2008, at just 15 years of age. In that same year, the budding singer-songwriter graced the hallowed turf of Croke Park to sing the national anthem, which is a much sought after opportunity. From there Niamh’s career in music catapulted as she represented the North in RTE’s All Ireland Talent Show in 2009, serenading the nation with her innocent rendition of Raglan Road.

Niamh’s professional career began back in 2013, when she was asked to join Ireland’s much-loved country sensation Nathan Carter on tour. Her 2012 EP “Rainbow Days”, had captured the country star’s attention and there began, what was to be the greatest opportunity in the early stages of Niamh’s career. This gave Niamh the platform to share her musical talents with a wider audience and perform on some of the most prestigious venues across UK and Ireland.

The coming years would see Niamh release two very successful albums “One Way Destination” (2014) and “Dear Someone”, (2015) weaving her original songs effortlessly throughout her extensive playlist of cover songs. The skilful songstress was also awarded The Tammy Wynette Inspirational Music Award in 2016 for her success in songwriting. The wide appeal for Niamh’s music stems from her acoustic approach that ensures a one-size-fits-all show and her charming art of storytelling.

In April 2016, Niamh began to record her fourth album, only to realise a major health issue was about to bring all to a halt. After much investigation with numerous specialists and close monitoring of Niamh’s vocal health, it became apparent that the core of the problem was Silent Acid Reflux. Thankfully, this was something that with careful management on a daily basis, could be kept at bay so Niamh could continue with her professional career. December 2017 finally saw the release of Niamh’s long awaited album, “At Long Last.”

In Niamh’s ever-growing career, she has performed with numerous popular artists, and has had the pleasure of working with Ralph Murphy, who has written many worldwide hits. In spite of all this, Niamh has never lost her down-to-earth, approachable and bubbly personality, which is plain to see with her increasingly dedicated followers.