At Long Last Signed CD


After a few tough years with my voice, I’ve gained the courage to get back on track and I am excited to nally present you with my 4th album!

Many thanks to my good friend Joe Murray who worked tirelessly on this album, you have been a pleasure to work with and a master in your trade.

As always, thank you to Paul McElhennon for the beautiful display of photographs and the many laughs in creating them!

To all those who support, encourage and believe in me even when I don’t, you are my inspiration.


1. I Don’t need you anymore
Niamh McGlinchey (Bardis Music Co. Ltd) 2.56
2. Something about you
Kevin Welch (Jumping Cholla Music/Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing) 3.29
3. Golden Wings
Niamh McGlinchey (Bardis Music Co. Ltd) 4.09
4. Found a heart
Emily Hearn (Emaline Flowers)/Thomas Doeve (Paper Swan Publishing) 3.34
5. Seven Spanish Angels
Troy Seals & Eddie Setser (both published by Two-Sons Music) 3.44
6. Everybody’s Makin’ it Big But Me
Shel Silverstein (Evil Eye Music Inc) 3.12
7. All that you are
Niamh McGlinchey (Bardis Music Co. Ltd) 4.36
8. Streets of London
Ralph McTell (Westminster Music) 3.44
9. Stepping Stone
Karen Coleman (Bardis Music Co. Ltd)/James Nash (Cop Con)/
Iseult Sheehy (Cop Con) 2.35
10. Love you Til the end
Darryl Hunt (Wardlaw Music) 3.27

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